Voice of the Future: Integrating Machine Learning and Speech AI in Education.

Omar Mansour
This workshop leverages unique insights into the intersection of Machine Learning (ML) and speech recognition technologies to revolutionize educational practices. Aimed at educators, technologists, and innovators, the workshop demystifies the core principles of ML and speech AI, showcasing their potential to create more engaging, accessible, and personalized learning experiences. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, and expert-led session, exploring the practical applications of speech AI within educational contexts and how they can harness these technologies to meet the challenges of modern education. Objective: The workshop aims to: Bridge Knowledge Gaps: Introduce the fundamentals of Machine Learning and speech AI, emphasizing their relevance and application in education. Inspiration for Innovation: Inspire innovative approaches to using speech AI in education, highlighting the potential for enhancing learning experiences and operational efficiency. Strategic Implementation: Offer insights into the strategic implementation of speech AI and ML technologies in educational settings, ensuring participants can make informed decisions and apply what they learn effectively

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