Deep Dive: The Mega Deals

Christopher Engman
#MEGADEALS is offering startups and scaleups a workshop where you can learn everything you need to create your go-to-market model in finite markets. The marketing and sales around large B2B deals are almost always highly reliant on a handful of individuals who can orchestrate them well. This workshop will provide you with all the elements you need to take your business offering to the top of c-level and stakeholders’ decision-making agendas. Learn how to select ideal industries, countries, and organizations to prioritize in the short, medium, and long term. Choose the right stakeholders, tailor positioning and messaging, and develop a go-to-market model covering marketing, social selling, sales, KPIs, organization, and adjustments based on market phase. This workshop has been created by Christopher Engman, a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and the CEO of #MEGADEALS.

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